Seasonal Tips from Eagle Crest Landscape Management


Happy Spring!

Sunshine?! Ah, yes, we remember you.

Birds are now singing, things are finally warming, and as we all collectively come out of hibernation, we are reminded that it’s time for our yards to also come back from the winter weather. Here are some tips for your getting your spring garden green and beautiful by the time the season reaches its peak.

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  1. CLEAN UP GARDEN BEDS. Wind storms, freezes and thaws, and stray leaves left over from the fall can make your yard look messy!  Time to get fallen branches, old leaves, and other debris out of your beds. Pesky weeds are just starting to emerge, too - this is the perfect time to get rid of them, while the soil is moist, the roots are shallow, and the seeds haven’t spread!

  2. FRESHEN UP THE SOIL. Heavy rains and snow can compact your soil, making it tough for roots to spread and moisture to penetrate.  Loosen up the soil with compost to replenish nutrients, and have levels checked to see if you need to fertilize. Spring is a great time to aerate and fertilize lawns, too!

  3. TRIM BACK PLANTS Plants that survived the winter should be trimmed back - they’ll look better, and cutting them back will also promote new growth.  Make sure to trim after flowering, so you don’t accidentally cut off future flowers!

  4. ADD MULCH. In addition to amending soil with fertilizers and compost, spring is a great time to mulch to your flower beds and garden. A few inches of mulch will prevent weeds from taking root,  and aid in regulating temperature and moisture.

  5. PLANT NEW FLOWERS AND SHRUBS. Winter can take a toll on your garden - not all plants will survive the harsh cold, ice and wind. In addition, some plants may have come to the end of their natural lifespan. If your landscape seems a bit sparse after all the cleaning and trimming, spring is the perfect time to add new plants - after danger of frost and ice have passed, but before the hot, dry weather begins.


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